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I get to continue what were the fondest years of my ‘working career’.

From seasons 2011 right through to the end of 2014, where we eventually became champions, I was working with my 3 brothers. Culminating in, when I reflect (which is rare for me), the fondest years of my career life. I had some of my most amazing achievements and some surreal, ‘I shouldn’t be here,’ moments in that timeframe.

Written by:
Sam Burgess
Photographed by:
Wolter Peeters
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images
Gregg Porteous/NRL Photos

However, what I enjoyed the most was the simplest of things. Waking up in the same house as my brothers… or just knowing they were around the corner. The four of us would go and grab some breakfast together before training, often in Surry Hills. We’d then head into training, to get better and become part of another ‘band of brothers’ -not to sound too cheesy. We would demand high standards from each other, we would compete against each other, ourselves, and our teammates to become better.

During the day we would often have time to stretch and eat lunch before closing the day with a gym session, again pushing each other. What next… Yes, you guessed. All four of us would go for an afternoon stroll together, to grab a coffee or even to just digest the day. To talk about an upcoming opponent or team. Even sharing one of our problems or concerns with each other and finding a solution. A genuine bond, at its simplest form. Whilst on the outside our lives weren’t so simple. And I was lucky enough to do this the next day, the day after that, and so on and so on.

So for me, 4B means exactly that. I can continue to have that working relationship with my brothers, mixed with love and compassion. We drive high standards of each other and enjoy the simplest of things in life together. Essentially, to be champions but in a different field.

I hope you enjoy 4B just as much as I have enjoyed being involved in our first drop together with my brothers. As you can see, our first range is subtle yet pure. It’s exactly what we would buy if we were to go shopping for some casual clothes.