The Label

4B was born from our own obsession with finding quality, everyday essentials

We focus on contemporary fits with fine details —enhanced classics— to create the perfect everyday, effortless style. Walking the line between comfort and style, we compromise on neither to craft apparel that embodies our values of trust, integrity, and loyalty.

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Our Core Pillars


Fashion should be effortless; which is why we have prized minimalist, enhanced classics in our first collection. Our apparel’s versatility lies in the range of colours and fits, an ode to our distinctly different styles, making each item the perfect wardrobe staple to compliment even the most inconsistent of wardrobes.


4B Label has strived to create apparel that lasts, attempting to help remove the need for fast fashion. We work with suppliers who value quality and practice ethical factory standards, only using fabrics that are made to last.

Wasteful fashion and packing are going out of style — so not only do we aim to reduce our environmental impact in our factory, but the mailers in which you receive your items are re-usable and can be re-sealed for returning items.


Our everyday staples are the essential building blocks to any functional wardrobe, so they have been crafted with an emphasis on exceptional fits and fabrics. We enjoy the simple things in life, so we haven’t overcomplicated the design process — we’ve just picked quality fabrics for our range of soft cotton or linen tees, hoodies, shorts, and cotton blend sweats. 

We see the best in people and hope to inspire others with our optimism and positive outlook. Our apparel reflects these values, leading from the front and never taking a backwards step.