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With Father’s Day just around the corner and all 4 of the brothers’ being epic dad’s themselves, we sat down with each of them to ask them 5 questions about fatherhood. 

  • Favourite memory with/of your dad? 
  • Favourite thing to do with your kids? 
  • What being a father means to you? 
  • The biggest thing you’ve learned from being a dad? 
  • A golden piece of advice for your kids? 

Read on to see how each of the boys answered the questions. Spoiler alert – it’s pretty darn sweet!


  1. Favourite memories would have to be all trips to France and Spain we would take as kids, driving all the way down through England to Dover and catching the ferry to Calais. We would go camping in all the summer weeks and we created so many great memories.
  2. I love to take them out to the park or the beach and have a swim, they both love the water.
  3. I suppose it’s just about being there for them and being present when you are there. Lots of love and guidance.
  4. I’ve learnt the lyrics to every wiggle song, which is pretty important! But, the biggest thing would be just their perspective. Every morning kids wake up with no baggage or worries about the day before, just happy and ready to enjoy their day.
  5. Some advice for the kids would be to make sure mummy and daddy have their coffee in the morning, but just be yourself and always value that. An original is worth way more than a copy.


  1. My favourite memories with dad were when he used to take us on hikes through the countryside (all four of us) and pick blackberries to make a blackberry crumble afterwards. He also taught us how to make flying arrows on the hike and we would spend hours throwing them as far as we could over the fields of our village. 
  2. Favourite time at the moment is bath time. I am always begged to jump in the bath with them and it’s a time full of adventure. 
  3. Being a father is my most important role in life. Always learning and growing, it can be challenging but certainly the most rewarding role I’ve played. 
  4. As much as our children need us to grow and develop, they’re doing the same for us. Like Tommy said, Our children are constant reminders of the purity of life. They’re not conditioned by worldly circumstances or drama.

    They remind me to be grateful and happy no matter the circumstances. Without being too deep – they hold the core values of life front and centre for everyone to see. My job is to nurture that

Be a good person. If you know right from wrong then you’ll do great. And take care of your Daddy


  1. Our summer holidays as children were our highlights. And, I used to love when dad pulled out his false teeth in front of my mates.
  2. Get out in the fresh air and watch them run around and laugh.
  3. Being a father to me is being a leader, a mentor and a friend all in one.
  4. I have learned to have a lot of patience, especially since having three children very close together, I have also learned that love is the only currency they need.
  5. Don’t be scared to express yourself and go for what makes you happy.


  1. For my 6th birthday, my dad made this awesome trail hunt through the fields, trees and countryside in our hometown. We had to follow his clues and eventually it led us to find him. We were on a rescue mission. I remember inviting a girl in my class to this birthday too! Obviously, we were supervised by our parents the whole way.

In fact, our birthdays were always fun times as kids. Our mum and dad would always go out of their way to make it a special day. We still celebrate all our birthdays together now as a family…it wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t.

  1. I love to travel with Grace. We have been on some amazing adventures together and created so many special moments in time. She is a great little travel buddy.
  2. Without doubt, this is my greatest achievement and something I am so grateful for. Grace has taught me so many things about myself that I would have never known if it wasn’t for her. I enjoy the responsibility of guiding her through life and teaching her to be pure and genuine. Being a father to a little girl is ‘that little bit extra’ special too. I love our bond. 
  3. The beautiful thing about being a parent is discovering a whole new world. I look back at my life before Grace and remember all the fun times, all the memories of so many amazing experiences but with no real end goal. Almost, just advancing through life, with enjoyment and gratitude but no real purpose. Being a dad gives me my purpose in life, so now I am still on that same path advancing through life but I have a reason now. When you have a reason to do what you do it makes everything so much more worthwhile.
  4. Always treat people equally and respect their path. Spend your time with the people who make you happy. You are going to make mistakes, that’s normal, but make sure you take lessons from these mistakes and enjoy the growth that comes from that.

What are your favourite memories with your dad? Can you relate to any of the stories the boys answered above?

Whether you’re spending your Father’s day with dad, a father-to-be, a step-dad or a father figure in any way shape or form, let them know they’re appreciated this year.


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