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I know we are all sick of hearing and talking about the c-word but I wanted to share my 2021 experiences with you. After learning a few lessons in the initial lockdown, I personally felt as though I was better prepared for the lockdown 2021.

My immediate reaction to the announcement of lockdown 2.0 was that I needed to set myself a challenge to keep focused and honest for what was ahead of us. Prior to lockdown, I felt as though I had found a great routine in my life which involved waking up at 5.40am every day before heading to my usual 6.30 class at Airlocker Training. Following this, I would have coffee with other members of my class which was always a great way to start my day. I felt as though I was always more productive for the rest of each day after I’d have such a positive start.

During the 1st lockdown, I managed to pack on a few extra kilos – a bit of extra company that I didn’t enjoy, haha! As a result of this, I was determined not to make the same error twice. My focus was around my diet so I decided to try intermittent fasting in order to achieve a calorie deficit. I would only eat between 11am to 7pm. This was extremely challenging, but it also made me realise just how much junk I actually eat after 7pm. Biscuits and chocolate with cups of tea whilst watching TV! 

Not being able to eat out at cafes and restaurants, meant that I was cooking meals at home all the time for Tori and myself. I am certainly not the most exciting of chefs but I like to eat good quality food that is cooked well. I am pretty confident that I can cook my food just the way I like it…which is perfect, right? Tori and I definitely improved our nutrition but I’m not sure if she will ever eat chicken and broccoli ever again! LOL! 

With the gyms closed, I had to find other ways to workout. This was easy considering we live in such a beautiful country with amazing weather and outdoor walking tracks. One thing that was a real savior, was the fact that we could still play golf. Since taking up the sport 18 years ago, I have been an absolute fanatic of the game. Golf was a perfect way to get out and exercise as well as having a goal of getting my handicap down to where it used to be.

Although I wasn’t training anywhere near as much as I was pre-lockdown, I felt that I was still able to achieve my goal of maintaining my weight. In fact, I actually managed to lose 10kgs during the lockdown. Not that it was my intention, but I started at 114kgs and reduced that to 104kgs in 6 weeks which felt amazing. 

All in all, I would say lockdown and 2021 was actually a great time for me, and amongst the many negatives there were far more positives. It was a period of reflection, learning and growth. Sometimes we take the simplest things in life for granted and we become complacent and ungrateful as human beings. Everyone has their own journey, designed perfectly for them. Enjoy your journey, be kind and helpful to each other because at the end of the day, we all share this life together so why not make it a happy one. Who knows, we might just get even more out of it. 

Luke 🙂