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What’s been your biggest career highlight so far? 

 I think for me my biggest career highlight so far would have to be winning the 2014 grand final, an amazing feeling to do that with a group of blokes that you have been working hard with all year! And in a close second would have to be making my debut for England alongside Sam and George in the World Cup opener against Australia. Also getting on the field for the first time as all four brothers together was surreal in 2013 against the tigers

If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing as a career? 

If I wasn’t playing football I think my life would be very different to right now. I was studying psychology, French and sport in college so I would’ve completed that and most likely taken up a career in France maybe and lived there for a few years and ate plenty of croissants. Who knows where I could’ve gone after that. I think I have always been interested in the mind and how it works so working in that field somehow would have been an aspiration.

What’s one quote that you live by?

‘If it is meant to be, it is up to me’ I have many quotes that I love and check in with often but this is one that came to mind when I read this question. I do like to think that anything is achievable with the right mindset. Wayne Bennet is a master of quotes so he is always good for one. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I would have to say our Father, he inspired all of us brothers not just to play rugby but to work hard and enjoy life while you’re doing it. Smile and don’t take things too seriously. He lives through all of us now and in saying that us brothers all inspire each other continuously to be good men.

Fire Round


  1. All time favourite karaoke song? Anything Kanye, anyone who knows me knows that I love a good singalong. Gold digger as it gets the party started
  2. Biggest pet peeve? I’m a pretty easy going bloke I like to think but I hate when people don’t clear their rubbish after being somewhere
  3. What’s your coffee order? Strong Almond Flat White, if no ‘milk lab’ milk I’ll just have a long black. The brand of almond milk is very important.
  4. Summer or winter?  Definitely Summer! After growing up in England and moving to Australia you would be too, I mean snow is fun for the first day or two but then everything is just slush and mess. 
  5. Night or morning? Morning for sure, love the sunrise on a new day 
  6. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, you can do so much more with Choc than Vanilla 
  7. Beach or pool? Tough one that as I enjoy my pool now but I will have to go beach, still feels like I’m on holiday every time I step on sand.
  8. What’s worse: laundry or dishes? Laundry is definitely worse, it’s not the putting it in the machine that’s the tedious part, it’s the folding and sorting back in to your wardrobe. With the dishes sometimes I do them instead of the dishwasher as I find it quite satisfying. 
  9. Do you prefer to be the passenger or driver? Definitely the driver, I am often the designated driver for the lads up here on the Gold Coast while we have mini buses getting us around.
  10. Do you prefer shopping online or in-store? Depends what I’m shopping for, we’ve started doing most of our food shops online now and I like it as we know what we need and there’s no temptation ha but for clothes I like to try them on, but I will order things and try it out and gift or send back if it doesn’t work for me.