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Tell us your childhood nickname. Feel free to spill the beans and tell us all of your brothers’ as well

My childhood nickname was headly, due to the size of my head. Luke’s nickname has always been ‘Biffa’ since he began training with Leeds Rhinos – he wore a T-shirt with BIFFA printed on the front. The senior players didn’t know his name just yet so they just called him BIFFA and it stuck ever since

What are your favourite hobbies? What’s keeping you busy during lockdown?

My favourite hobby is obviously my children however if I get the time I’m on the golf course with Luke or we have just started playing tennis together and love the competition and exercise. It’s a brilliant game of mind and body. I have his measure at the moment but he is catching me up. Stay tuned

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why?

I would love to hop around the greek islands – swim in the crystal clear waters and eat the fresh seafood and local produce. Stay healthy and enjoy the European summer. Ahhh, take me there

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be? 

My children / my dog / fishing rod ….. Life would be pretty amazing that way

What’s one quote that you live by?

You live life on life’s terms …. Seems deep but it’s true. Some trying days and lots of beautiful days….you have to feel them all and see the beauty in life in all its forms

Fire Round 


  1. Favourite cuisine? Italian
  2. All time favourite movie? Gladiator
  3. Do you have any weird habits? Yes – A big sleep talker
  4. What’s your coffee order? As Strong as it comes first thing in the morning
  5. Cardio or weights? Cardio
  6. Music or podcasts? Music
  7. Tomato sauce belongs in the: fridge or pantry? Fridge
  8. Dark, milk or white chocolate? Dark
  9. Hard or soft shell tacos? Soft Shell
  10. Do you prefer shopping online or in-store? A bit of both – I do like to try before I buy