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  1. What’s one thing you can’t go a day without? Coffee!!! Lots of it. Strong Flat white is my order.
  2. What’s your favourite hobby/activity to do with Grace? We love going to the park where I spend most of the time pushing her on the swing!
  3. Other than playing football, what was your dream job growing up? This sounds weird but I always said that I wanted to be an ice cream man!!! As kids we used to love the sound of the ice cream van driving down our street playing the music.
  4. Your all time favourite holiday memory? It wasn’t really a holiday but my 3 brothers and I flew back to England for a friend’s wedding. We were there for the weekend so it was a massive trip but it was so much fun doing that long trip with my brothers. A quick hit and run trip to the UK for a weekend! haha
  5. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Just recently actually, my teachers from meditation shared a brief story with me from a monk. It came with so much wisdom and I thought it was a great way to put situations into perspective. The monk was asked “what is anger?” his answer was beautiful: “It’s a punishment we give ourselves for the mistake that someone else made”

Fire round

  1. 3 celebrities you’d invite to dinner? Tiger Woods, Denzel Washington, The Rock
  2. What’s your star sign? Pisces
  3. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Yes or no. That’s a huge YES for me! All my pizzas involve pineapple
  4. Beverage of choice? A nice cold tap beer…Usually a Great Northern Original
  5. Biggest fear? Being stranded out in the ocean with no sign of land anywhere
  6. Strangest food you’ve ever eaten? Snails. I tried these when I was living in France. At first it tasted good but then when I started chewing and thinking about a snail it made me spew!!!
  7. Surf or snow? Surf
  8. Batman or spiderman? Batman
  9. Speak to animals or speak all languages? Speak all languages
  10. Phone calls or text messages? Phone calls!!! I hate texting.