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Hi there!

It’s a special moment in time for my sons as they move forward with their lives post rugby league, post the most brutal contact sport in the world. It actually makes me feel really happy that the boys can now move towards the next chapter of their lives. Still strongly bonded and working closely together with each other’s strengths, but taking on a new challenge with the opportunity to move forward in a way that doesn’t damage their bodies -in fact, it only enhances them.

As the Mum of a young family with four boys aged under 5 growing up in the North of England, money was tight. I loved to dress the boys in the same outfits, especially the twins! They looked so cute in matching outfits as identical twins. To remember who was who, I had to sit them always with George on the left and Thomas on the right (G and T!!). I used to enjoy hunting out matching clothes for them, and this then made me want to dress Luke and Sam in the same clothes…which then eventually became ‘hand me downs’ for the twins. The twins had to endure lots of ‘hand me downs’ from their older brothers! I’m not sure if they really liked me dressing them the same way, but they always looked super cute in my eyes!

Out of all the four boys, the most fashion-conscious was always Sam, who from a young age, probably from when he got his first paid job as a paperboy, loved to save up and buy himself something ‘special’ from the menswear sales in Harvey Nichols. I can also remember spending a memorable afternoon with Sam shopping in Barcelona once on the Passeig de Gràcia. He loved to buy stylish but simple clothes even as a young boy. This love of clothes quickly spread to his brothers who would steal his T-shirts at any opportunity and risk getting a telling off from Sam. Sam bought the clothes, and his brothers would always steal them!! I think that the clothes sharing still goes on today…George was probably the guiltiest of ‘borrowing’ Sam’s clothes and just forgetting to return them!

As the boys gradually moved one by one across to Australia from the end of 2009, their desire to fulfill their life goals and dreams became more and more apparent. The most special moment for me as their Mum was when in 2013 they all played together for South Sydney as a group of 4 brothers, making their own record in the sporting history books. Playing together as professionals in the same team had always been a goal of theirs, but for this to become a reality was mind-blowing!

For the boys to now move on to create their own business is just a testament to their love and dedication for each other. This beautiful band of brothers has been through so much together, including all the highs and quite a few lows. But at every point along the journey, they have always been there for each other, just as they promised each other they would be when their father sadly passed away in 2007. It makes me so proud and moves me to tears sometimes to see that nothing in life, no adversity, can shake the foundation of their love for each other. This is what love and loyalty look like!

I look forward to seeing people across the globe enjoy and wear this range of clothing. You will be wearing a part of something special and buying into more than just a leisure range. You will be supporting a new upcoming family business that truly upholds the values of love and loyalty.

With love,

Julie B